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In one of the most challenging years for companies and their leaders. LDM has established itself as the best digital marketing and advertising agency to work for in the region in 2021. BOM We started 2020 with our operation distributed in Panama (HQ), Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Peru. Determined to continue the expansion project that we traced since 2016. Our vision of constant innovation was the key to overcoming the obstacles that we were unaware of. But that were inevitably going to hit us, as it did in the region and throughout the world. LDM at the end of 2020 .We doubled our workforce thanks to the trust that our clients placed in us. Preserving and increasing the offer of products and services that we have with them.

Demand generation for mass consumption products Digital experiences based on customer loyalty. And loyalty programs ROI Driven E-Commerce Customer Acquisition for B2B Businesses Brand Amplification with . A focus on Performance Omnichannel marketing strategies Consulting Services: Digital Strategies. UX/UI Design Product development .Web design, implementation of E-Commerce platforms, dashboards for data visualization . We managed to consolidate our technology team, from being an internal area of ​​the holding company . To a new business unit: programmers, gamers, designers and content creators specialized in technological products and services.


Internally Called T-bash

What measures do we take to ensure Sweden phone number the integrity of our team? Our borderless mentality (without borders) helped us to create links between our internal teams distributed in more than 7 countries, showing support, empathy and support during the pandemic caused by COVID-19. The leaders of each area took one of our cultural pillars to the maximum “management of ambiguity”. This generated trust from management to operational levels, resulting in equal or greater efficiency in deliverables and in serving our clients in the face of adversity. Among the measures that were taken, one of the best and that generated more internal recognition, was to ensure free and paid days to any collaborator who had symptoms.

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Family infections or personal situations related to the pandemic or for the purposes of working remotely. and from home. In addition to providing all employees with their laptop or desktop-pc and adequate furniture so that work-from-home would be a complementary experience and not just an emergency measure. This was executed in the first week after the quarantine was announced. We had a level of commitment from the teams that we had never seen before. Definitely, each collaborator turned this moment of crisis into an opportunity for growth Paola Fernandes, LDM, HR Manager Mentality Without Borders. Our No. 1 hit Due to the size of our operation, our clients and the geographic location of our strategic partners, from the beginning at LDM, we hired people at a regional level.

Prioritizing Personal And Professional

skills over geographic location. This meant that we had a perfected methodology for remote work for more than 3 years. A goal scored, before starting the decisive match. BOM: GPTW 2021 And in 2021 we did it again. Thanks to the leadership of our board of directors, the commitment of our management team and above all, the dynamism, self-determination and operating in the ambiguity of our operating team. LDM, by achieving this certification, reiterates its commitment to its collaborators, clients and strategic partners, to bring the best of Latin America to its digital marketing campaigns and technological projects, and continue to be the No.1 agency in digital marketing in Latin America. the region.

Therefore, that resulted in 9.5 million blocks accommodated within the video game. This project is cited on more than 200 occasions by different web portals and generated . The interest of many pre-university students to consider the institution as an option. With this UVM fulfilled 2 major objectives with its audience: 1.However, the commitment to its community to present the new mascot 2. It positioned itself with innovative thinking and as a leading university in Mexico LDM Innovation Ventures. Talks invites you to participate as a brand to discover from the experts and with the most powerful and innovative tools on the market, how you can access more precisely and start a much more personalized marketing strategy towards your user .

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