If you’re a larger ecommerce business

A tool like Google Trends can help you to identify and compare keyword popularity. So you’re not guessing:[*] Screenshot showing google trends results. If you’re a larger ecommerce business with lots of traffic, you might be able to target high-volume keywords like “women’s christmas gifts” as shown above. A “Top 50 Women’s Christmas Gifts Guide” would be the perfect complement to the above keyword. But if you’re a small business, you’ll want to target long-tail keywords very specific to your

A “Top 50 Women’s Christmas Gifts

Product, geolocation, demographics, and/or niche: Screenshot showing google trends results. Narrowing down on specific terms like “women’s boots” or  Ukraine WhatsApp Number List “best boots for women” will help your content succeed in a very crowded space. You can then create a piece of content such “100 Women’s Boots That You Don’t Want to Miss This Holiday Season.” Be sure to feature that awesome content prominently on your site for your customers to find. Screenshot showing an ecommerce store You can use the same

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Will help your content succeed

Technique for creating promotion ideas as well. Use Google Trends to discover top keyword searches and use those to help create social media and email campaigns that people actually care about. Use a simple Google Excel spreadsheet to track each keyword used. Track social shares, email opens and CTRs, and overall traffic. That way you can get a quick, bird’s-eye view of your top performing content across channels throughout the year. Step Three: Prep for an Influx of Customers If you’ve followed

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