A Lynx Leaves Its Mark

UVM integrates its community through a Gaming Marketing strategy with the best-selling video game in history, Minecraft Increase of up to 124% in requests for income reports. 15 thousand interactions with the video game in real time. Study in complex times Being a student in 2020 the development of skills that were into account before. Adaptation and tolerance to frustration were fundamental pillars that the entire student community.  Had to strengthen to cope with the following months of the pandemic. Online classes became the only option to continue study programs. Young people were totally  of the social, cultural and sports activities that they experienced within the universities. Event focused on the gamer community These relevant insights were a matter of analysis and concern for the UVM Communication team.

University that has focused on building a pride of lynx identity among its more than 129,000 students in its 38 campuses around the country. In this same year, the 60th anniversary of the foundation of UVM would be and they would launch a new design of the emblematic mascot: the Lynx. With the aim of adapting to the values ​​and influences of the new generations. That is why they needed to rethink their strategy to go beyond the great limitations caused by the pandemic and establish a real and authentic connection between their entire community. Sharpness, sagacity, adaptability, discipline, passion and evolution . These attributes were represent in the new Lynx and would have to be present for its launch experience .

If They Could Not Attend

The presentation of the event, the UVM Singapore phone number would take it to their homes. LDM & Gaming, this is the way LDM joined the challenge faced by UVM to become that strategic ally that would serve as a guide. We create a virtual experience aligned to the interests of the student community. Originally being relevant to a frustrated young community would be the most difficult. That is why we had to adapt to their most deeply rooted , those that stood out from their academic obligations. The big opportunity? Gaming Marketing.  It has been proven that students  increase math and reading-scores by 15%, and up to 17% in science subjects (Jan 2020). In addition, this experience could include the values ​​that the new lynx mascot represented: passion, evolution, sagacity, among others.

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The second great challenge was to create an alliance with the ideal partner where the entire  would take place .This point was very important since the quality of the execution should be . As something well done by the student gamer community. It all started with a block Many technological resources and more than 250 hours of our talent. Were need to create 9 million blocks that would replicate the famous  stadium on the Lomas Verdes campus. And as if it were a construction in real life, with Minecraft began to be made for 3 months in order to start testing. The architects and programmers of LDM, experts in the nature of these projects . Managed to unite this volume of blocks through a (very short) process of learning and executing the video game .

In Gaming Marketing Special Mods

However, with 264 custom textures were to integrate the original stadium and university color palette and campaign logo. The UVM executive team accessed through Minecraft accounts to verify .  That everything was really to the original campus. At the execution level, the biggest challenge was present.  When creating the exact moment of the presentation of the new lynx. It had to include a surprise and innovative factor so that it would attract the attention of the students. This was solv by means of an explosion in the center of the stadium and that this same pyrotechnics  surrounding pixels . For this special blocks were creat that were resistant to this action. 400 tests were carri out and after each one.  The entire affect space had to be rebuilt again, without a doubt a challenge that only could transcend.

Therefore, different challenges .«There is an audience of 70 million gamers in Latin America who do not watch television .  Do not read the newspaper and do not listen to the radio. LDM understands how to speak to them, how to put these products in this environment in a natural way. Because they have a team with an active gaming culture inside and outside the offices.» Daniel Vicente, LDM, Project Manager . The impact on the gaming community the moment arrived and the acceptance and interest on the part . Of the students became very evident. Our live streaming partners were. win benefits such as academic .

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