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Their strategy has allowed them to continue to project themselves digitally, in addition to their e-commerce and 25 stores throughout Panama. Therefore, with the high volume of people generating traffic on these platforms, it becomes not only a sales opportunity, but also to stay positioned in the mind of the consumer. Online Car Sales While car sales reflect a large drop in demand due to the COVID-2019 Pandemic, there are brands taking advantage to make a difference. An example of this is the Geely brand in China, which incorporated a new service offering users the opportunity to buy a car and have it delivered to their homes.

Car sale online Brands like Mercedes Benz and Tesla are now replicating this initiative, in addition to seeking to expand it to other countries- Real Estate also adapts to digital While some industries stop, others adapt, this is the case of the Real Estate Sector. And a sample of the digital presence is the work of GoGetIt Leads , this digital real estate agency takes the projects of its clients and offers them the possibility of managing virtual visits so that people can discover the home of their dreams from the comfort of their home . They manage from A to Z the digital process of real estate developers that continue to move despite the crisis. From the generation of leads to the reservation all digitally.

Real Estate Virtual Tour Industry

Transformation Influencers, celebrities Belarus phone numbers athletes and others are now turning to creating live content as part of their social media crisis management strategy. Thanks to Instagram Live, many of them are working on their personal brand, due to the high ratings they receive these days and that allows them to keep their communities active. This trend is even more recent, so not only companies but also personal brands have begun to be more present in their digital accounts. More people want to stay active during these times of confinement. An example of this is Power Club Panama , one of the most famous gym chains, which as part of its marketing strategy in times of crisis is teaching online classes.

Belarus phone numbers

Even when they suspended the membership fee so that. Its followers, as well as other users, stay active from their homes. Power Club Panama Marketing in crisis On the other hand, for lovers of art and history . There are museums that have opened their doors to the public (virtually).  An example of this is the Museum of the Palace of Fine Arts that offers a virtual tour just one click away. And their digital marketing strategies in crisis management direct . Hundreds of online visits into opportunities. Museum of the Palace of Fine Arts Because while we are still inside the house. Technology and virtual reality allow us to continue exploring the outside world. TIPS for working from home After the State of Emergency that has been decreed in many countries as a result of COVID-19.

Most Of The Companies That

Are allowed by their field have begun to perform Telecommuting or Work from Home. And this has even led to changes in the procedures for managing crises in social networks. Thanks to technology and innovation, this work modality has allowed work groups to continue . With their functions, because even from a distance, work activities can be carried out. At Latam Digital Marketing, as part of our crisis management on social networks . We have already been working under this modality for three weeks to take care . Of the health of our collaborators and their families. This is why we established the following recommendations for people who have to work from home. Don’t work in pajamas.

Even though it sounds like a very comfortable option, by keeping us in the same mood. As when we wake up, our system takes longer to start, and when we change . Our body understands that we are in work mode.Set schedules. Just like your office hours .Your lunch hour, and your homework, set times for everything. So by having a schedule, you create the habit that even at home . You stay in a cycle.Support your team and ask for support when you need it. In times of remote work, work overload and stress can play against us. So it is important to stay in communication with your work team and by flowing. This will make your days easier . The leaders of each team must motivate. It is important that in work meetings.  They can know the situation of the members of their team, so by keeping people highly motivated.

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