A minute and a half to see a dermatologist to analyze “sensitive skin

Hey, my skin is allergic again. The skin is always red, flaky, and itchy. Is it “allergic skin” or “sensitive skin”? Come and listen to professional dermatologists answer. Screenshot Photo Credit TNL Brand Studio. Allergy is a reaction to a specific allergen; “sensitivity” is a reaction caused by

a variety of internal and external stimuli, such as excessive cleaning, emotional stress

Or the environment. Screenshot Slovenia Phone Number¬†Credit TNL Brand Studio The mechanism of the two is different, but both can cause symptoms such as redness, scaling, dry itching, etc. If there is no immediate relief, it will cause “permanent allergies”. Screenshot Brand Studio If the skin symptoms are not effectively relieved,

the function of the skin barrier will deteriorate and become thinner

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Making it easier for allergens to irritate the skin, resulting in persistent symptoms. Screenshot Photo Credit TNL Brand Studio In order to avoid the continued. Deterioration of the skin barrier function. Every time allergies and allergies should be effectively relieved.

TNL Brand Studio According to clinical measurements. With sensitive skin, after using neuropeptide moisturizing products for 30 days. Dermatologists advise: “Choose effective soothing ingredients” is the key to effective soothing skin care products!

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