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The vision must first create inspiration and values ​​for people within the organization. And delivered to every stakeholder to our customers. 5. Make a promise that the brand will give to the customer. The next step is to create a brand promise through a message or statement that the brand wants to communicate to the audience. Promises are what brands want to make customers believe that they will receive good things from our brand. Making that promise must create a good, relevant and memorable experience. 6. Determine the position of the brand.

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The brand positioning (Brand Positioning) that needs to be built from these questions. What is our brand born for? born for whom When Norway Phone Number will people want to use our brand? Who are the brand’s competitors? The positioning of the brand must be unique and unique. And reflect the essence of the brand (Brand Essence) in order to get into the minds of consumers. The position of the brand can be created from 3 types: the use of brand features (Functional Positioning), the use of symbols (Symbolic Positioning) and the use of experience (Experential Positioning) and conveyed in words, messages or statements (Statement) that It should not be longer than 3 to 5 sentences.

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Create personality for the BU Leads brand Brand personality is what a brand expresses and interacts with in a way that is most human-like and should not be repeated. therefore being able to differentiate from competitors It helps customers understand the brand, engages the audience, makes them feel connected to the brand. And create brand loyalty with 5 characteristics and 12 types of archetypes (Brand Archetypes) 8. Develop a brand narrative How do we want people to talk about us and see us By creating a story or brand story Brand Narrative and Brand.

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