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The Ministry of Justice and Security (MJenV) is responsible for the rule of law in the Netherlands. So that people can live together in freedom, regardless of their lifestyle or views.

Directorate General Subversion (DGO) is part of the MJenV Administrative Department.

DGO faces the ongoing challenge of reducing organiz crime and its disruptive and undermining effects on society. Important elements of the approach are disrupting criminal revenue models (in particular drug production and trafficking), breaking up criminal networks, confiscating criminal assets, strengthening effective prevention aimed at preventing criminal careers and increasing of social and physical resilience and integrity.
Combating crime contributes to clear standards against undermining crime and to making the business climate less attractive for criminals.


Special Investigation Services are working

The DGO directorate unpacking program has the ambition to reduce criminal money flows, criminal assets and associated investments, thereby decreasing the influence of the bottom and the upper world. The package is ‘a complex set of Argentina Phone Numbers processes and organizations that aim to criminally deprive financial proceeds and goods from criminal activities’. The confiscation of criminal assets is a complicated task, both legally and practically, and has both a policy and a management side. The parties involved in this chain focus on criminal money flows and the confiscation of criminal assets. For example, the Public Prosecution Service, the Police and the Special Investigation Services are working together to intensify the focus on criminal money flows.

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The Banking Data Referral Portal

The Banking Data Referral Portal 2 (VB2) project is extensive and complex in nature and also carries a high political risk of failure. We work with a multitude of stakeholders and organizational cultures. To be successful, the project must work closely with public and private parties in the financial sector and the security chain.

In the context of the government-wide approach to fraud. Financial Intelligence (financial investigations) is used to map criminal money flows and assets. In order to discover criminal facts and take criminal profits for the purpose of dismantling criminal organizations. The European Commission has launched a guideline to make this financial investigation more effective by means. Of a Referral Portal Banking Details (hereinafter referred to as VB). The VB has been operational since 2020. With the VB, identifying data of bank customers can be automatically claim. By the Police, FIOD, FIU, Special Investigation Powers Chamber of the Public Prosecution. Service and the Tax and Customs Administration if they are legally authorized to do so.

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