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Google announced that they would retire Universal Analytics, and the only performing property on the platform will be Google Analytics 4. 

As a result, UA will stop collecting and processing data on , but you will be able to reach your historical data for a time after that date. But from that date, your new data will be collected in GA4 properties.

The most outstanding feature of the GA4 upgrade is that it combines data from mobile app and website into a single Google Analytics property.

Google Analytics changes its focus Ghana Phone Number on customer privacy with GA4. It centers upon the current privacy law such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Moreover, the GA4 upgrade allows you to with high priority to privacy. It is called the “privacy-first” approach and cross-channel data collection and measurement. It also is an upgrade from session-based data of UA to event-based data of GA4.

Another critical

point: it enables you to have accurate predictive analysis with the machine learning capabilities of Google. For example, through machine learning, you can fill out data about your website or app traffic and comprehend user behavior more accurately.

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It tracks visitors’ behaviors from the first visit to the last click. These all make it available to trace user journeys more effectively and widely. That’s what Google Analytics 4 intends to provide.

Differences between GA4 and Universal Analytics

The differences between GA4 and UA resulted from the technological evolvements that are increasing daily.

Using mobile apps has improved machine learning. And new customer privacy laws have forced Google Analytics to update its properties. GA4, this latest property of Google Analytics, is designed following these updates and the current needs of analytics.

There are multifold changes GA4 brings up. Here we reveal the five significant differences between GA4 and UA.

Data Analysis from Application and Web

While UA only collects data from your website, GA4 enables you to collect and analyze data from your website and application.

It unifies all data into one collection and makes tracking and analyzing your users’ journey across all devices easier.

Machine Learning

GA4 pledges that the prediction based on user behavior is one of the significant upgrades of GA4. It uses machine learning predictive metrics to track and analyze user journeys and make it available for you to make predictions about your next steps and plans.

The tool is a customer-behavior-based property, and it traces the steps of your customers from beginning to end. It analysis all the behaviors of users and predicts consistent prospects by filling the gaps in user journey by using machine learning facilities. If you want to learn more about machine learning check out our article as further reading.

Data Streams

Another essential difference between the GA4 upgrade and UA is data streams.

Data streams collect data from various sources into one property. UA uses to collect data from each source separately and filter them according to your need. GA4 enables you to link all data sources like websites and apps into a single property.

Event-Based Data

A significant difference between GA4 and UA is

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