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So, we know there are plenty of influencers out there, but how do you find them? And more importantly, how do you find the ones that will add value to your business? YouTube influences – or YouTubers – are the hottest thing right now. As a platform, YouTube gets 1.7 billion unique monthly visitors and gets more than 14.3 billion visits each month. Competition for eyeballs is fierce and hard. Influencers can help you get your share of that audience pie. Let’s dive in. 9 Ways to Find YouTube Influencers 9 ways to find Youtube influencers. 1. Search on influencer marketplaces and platforms One of the best places to discover YouTube influencers is influencer marketing platforms.

Directly Or Indirectly Relate To Your Main Keywords

Most of these platforms allow you to search for YouTube influencers Thailand Mobile Number List base on category, metrics, or specific keywords. Platforms like Intellifluence and Heepsy let you search for YouTube influencers that match your brand to create ideal partnerships for the both of you. These apps have a variety of filters so you can get super granular with your search, including specific location, number of followers, topics they discuss, their engagement rate. 2. Do a manual YouTube search Your search for a YouTube micro-influencer or macro-influencer to work with can also be as simple as plugging keywords in the YouTube search bar. Simply search for keywords in your niche, like ‘writing tool reviews’ to see influencers promoting these tools. Pro tip: use a keyword research tool to help you find relevant keywords.

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Your Ads To A Wide Range Of Keyword Searches

It may sound obvious, but these tools can help you find gaps in your searches, and see which terms have high and low search volume, helping you hone your strategy further. Another top tip is to spy on your competitors to see which keywords and influencers they are using. Screenshot Using Similarweb Keyword Generator to find Youtube keywords. If you’re looking for micro-influencers on YouTube, you’ll want to focus on channels with 10,000 to 50,000 followers for the best results.

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