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To make your content as readable as possible, make sure the content is broken down into small chunks with no long paragraphs. Online readers have short attention spans so they won’t stick around if your content is just one big paragraph. Make sure you use subheadings and bullet points to break the text up as much as you can.

When it comes to ranking signals, backlinks are important for the credibility of your site. When creating content, make sure you link out to other relevant, trustworthy, and authoritative sites to signal that your content is credible.

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So, if you are thinking about developing an eLearning course of your own, the masters have postulated some rules to make it simpler for you to create an amazing course.

Keep reading to learn more about creating better eLearning content.

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How to create great courses?

Many a time, developers create online courses with the wrongful conviction in mind, like, more traffic on their website or higher conversion rate. And the reason is simple – People will only pay for and complete your course when they find it interesting and not because you marketed it well.

So, before you get on with creating a content-comprehensive blog which will only overwhelm your readers, keep the following rules in mind.

An eLearning course or rather any course shouldn’t be anything but relevant. The best way of keeping a course relevant is by adopting the ways of micro-learning.

Micro-learning refers to getting your daily dose of learning in smaller chunks of knowledge so that it is easy to grasp and even easier to retain.

When you divide your eLearning in such digestible chunks, it becomes simpler for not just the learners but for you, as a developer, to design it.

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