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.Last year in the US, brands across industries spent an estimated $10.3 billion. On specialized programmatic strategies with distribution on CTV platforms. This represented a growth of 82% vs 2020.The same innovation being so disruptive .  becomes resistant for some CMOs of global brands. That is the main role of a strategic partner, to help you connect with new trends . And audiences in a structured way adapted to your business model. Why consider  be there” just because. There are such attractive benefits for your campaigns. That other channels may not be 100% solving them. One of the main ones is the ability to reach younger audiences. We know that streaming content and these platforms are mostly consumed by the new generations. Linear TV took a backseat and that is why numerous publishers have been launched with this new digital format.

Just by looking at the offer that is on the market we get a very clear idea. hyper-segmentation. Apart from considering different audiences segmented by. The very personalized proposal that these platforms offer you allows you to develop such direct . Strategies for each consumer profile that you have considered in your target audiences. Effectiveness and better ROI measurement The above triggers a series of relevant data for a better analysis of the performance of your campaigns. Results monitored in real time achieving continuous optimization based on KPIs. With successful cases already tested with our clients, we have obtained results of up to 88% VCR and 5% CTR in just one month of campaign implementation. And it’s not just there, these platforms are an excellent way to build 3rd party data through interactive tags and formats.

The Sum Of All These Actions

contributes to a better result and ROI Indonesia phone number
measurement to be able to allocate your budget in more advanced digital marketing strategies. Inventories TV 2.0 vs. Linear TV Yes, there is also a benefit to this. We know that, in traditional TV, in order to be present in times of  also considering that you are not the only brand that wants to be in the same moments. The very diverse offer in CTV that currently exists in the market allows to achieve a good performance of campaigns with more intelligent investments, linking this with the previous point of having greater certainty of reaching the correct audience. Don’t skip CTV With the benefits of these new digital channels crystal clear, let’s talk about the creative innovations that make CTV ads interactive, engaging, and memorable. As digital experience strategists, we share the latest trends to develop relevant formats for the audience. 1.-QR Codes:

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This is where we take advantage of the use of a second device while watching CTV. QR codes are that link between the second screen and make it even easier for viewers to act quickly when they are most interested. The code can take them to a landing page or even place the product directly into their shopping cart for the full experience. 2.-Interactive ads: Be relevant among so much content that they consume every day. Allow users to interact with your brand using the CTV remote control. Give them the freedom to discover your product attributes within the ad. Actions such as zooming or moving the article generate greatercreative animations that integrate their key messages. The use of animation technology can display an article scrolling across the screen.

 For Consumer Brands

They can integrate an animated carousel of products to draw the viewer’s attention. Have we convinced you? Through dynamic technology in digital marketing you can offer different CTV experiences for your viewers. This applies regionally to as local as possible. That’s how hyper-segmented your campaign can be. Develop innovation in the way you communicate. Leveraging these new platforms and with the advice of allies who deeply understand these new trends. ..Live Stream Commerce Evolution tracking: data becomes more relevant to achieve an ideal customer journey. The analysis of schedules influencers and products will be the guide of the brands for an effective strategy. which is why brands are going to turn to opinion leaders and influencers of medium or even very low range for a real connection with the audience.

This transformation of digital experiences is a reflection of the consumers themselves. just for showing up. UVM and LDM: We create our world within Minecraft Another example of brand-user. Interaction to advertise in gaming is the success story of the strategic alliance between LDM. (Latam Digital Marketing agency ) and UVM (Universidad del Valle de México) where . LDM created the world of the Minecraft video game.(the best-selling video game in history), a replica of the UVM Lomas .Verdes campus stadium in Mexico for the presentation of its new mascot Lince, an effort that represented around 250 hours of work .  As it is made up of 9.5 million blocks of the video game , this project is cited on more than 200 occasions by different web portals and generated.

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