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it’s great to produce and sell products for a super-targeted niche group of customers. This is exactly how Sammy started Neon Poodle… by selling custom neon signs to people in Australia. But when you’re ready, one of the best ways achieve growth is to expand your market. One of the best examples of this is Facebook. It started out as a network purely for college students, but when it had saturated that market, it opened up to all users. Another example of expanding your market comes from our very own Chief Sumo.

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Back when Noah was running a Facebook games company called Gambit. He realized that half of their revenue was coming from international customers—yet Bahamas WhatsApp Number List zero of his marketing. Was focused on reaching people in these countries. Hello, opportunity. When you feel like your eCommerce store is starting to plateau, look at ways you might be able to expand your market. For example: Are you selling in just one country? Maybe you could expand into new places Do most of your sales come from one state/area

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sell more products and increase revenue

However, there are proven, time-tested ecommerce growth hacks that sure can make it feel like your business is on the fast track. From the “best seller” and “live chat” to “product reviews”, “product scarcity”, and “Cart Casino”, these hacks will help your business gain the traction you need to sell more products and increase revenue. Below I’ve also thrown in a bonus “Cart Abandonment Reduction Growth Hack.” This one is Sumo customer’s highest sales generating hack:

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