I don’t have any special connections

A young fit man I’m Julien, and I’m the owner of Sleep Sumo. I have no knowledge of growing websites. I haven’t worked for any gigantic companies, and I don’t have any special connections. In fact, I’m a dance teacher. My knowledge of business starts and stops with brick and mortar. So when it comes to growing a website, I’m truly starting from scratch. Yet I was able to grow Sleep Sumo from 0 to 10,000 visitors per month in 30 days. In this article I’ll show you exactly how I did it step by step.

So when it comes to growing a website

Here are the steps: 1 Step 1: Set Up Your Website To Become A Traffic Generating Machine 2 Step 2. Set A Realistic Traffic Goal 3 Step 3: Create A Bulletproof Marketing Plan 4 Step 4. Start Generating Your First Visitors 5 Step 5: Generate Massive Traffic With A Viral Giveaway 6 Step 6: Create. A Content France WhatsApp Number List Strategy To Minimize Effort And Maximize Impact 7 Step 7: Be Accountable HOW TO GROW YOUR WEBSITE FROM 0 TO 10,000 VISITORS IN 30 DAYS. THE RULES In January, Noah posted for an apprentice for this guide: Screenshot showing a Facebook post

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A Content Strategy To Minimize Effort

The website Noah was referring to was Sleep Sumo, and the challenge was to grow a website from 0 to 10,000 visitors per month — in just 30 days. As Noah and I began to work together, we had to set some ground rules to make this guide as replicable as possible: We couldn’t use Noah’s connections. We couldn’t spend money. We had to get to 10,000 visits in 30 days. I had to report progress daily. I had to document my progress. We were approaching this as an experiment, and we knew we couldn’t muddle the results with advantages.

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