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We’re friendly, but not too sarcastic.” Step 6 Create a Brand Voice table. Brand Voice Chart Pick 3-4 words that best represent your brand. And try to put it in a table to see what should be present and. What should not be present in. Marketing communications. By identifying the characteristics of the Brand (Voice Characteristic in the leftmost. Field and specify a description (Description) in the next column. Including specifying how to use or prohibit (Do Don’t) in the next column. Step 7 Enforce regularly and should use guidelines.

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Making use of guidelines (Guideline) will make the team responsible for creating different types of content. understand the Namibia Phone Number nature of the brand clearly And apply it to marketing communications correctly to maintain the standards of that brand.Brand Attributes or brand attributes refer to brand attributes that reflect the nature and fundamentals of a brand. Brand attributes are a set of attributes that highlight the physical characteristics and personality of a particular brand. develop through image activities And brand features also help in creating a brand identity as well.

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The properties are divid into BU Leads two aspects: Tangible properties such as shapes, shapes, ingrients Intangible qualities such as image, reputation, and a strong brand must have the following qualities: Relevancy: A strong brand must be connect. Meet the expectations and what customers want. If the products that our brand produces are not connect to customers It’s difficult for customers to buy. consistency (Consistency) A strong brand will demonstrate consistency. in building trust with customers And customers can know what our brand was born for. Through various forms of communication without leaving the brand’s principles. Proper Positioning A strong brand must position it in the minds of their intend target audience. And different from other brands Sustainability A strong brand must.

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