First and foremost are the influencers

Screenshot showing an instagram post Step Three: Analyze Results Here’s how many top ecommerce. Brands measure the success of their influencer marketing campaigns, in this order. First and foremost, are the influencers driving sales to your products? Are they driving traffic to your website. Are the posts that contain a mention of your brand or product performing as well or better than the posts in the rest of their feed in terms of engagement.

Are the posts that contain a mention

When working with influencers, be sure to provide custom links so that you can track the specific results of the campaign. If you’re working with multiple influencers. Provide each of them with a unique link so that you can determine which one is your top performer. This can be done through a Tunisia WhatsApp Number List simple Google UTM code (as shown below). Screenshot showing a form Of course, it’s impossible to track everything, but using a simple tracking technique like Google

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Provide each of them with a unique link

UTM tracking links will help you to determince whether or not influencer marketing is profitable for your business. JUNE: DRIVE 2X THE TRAFFIC TO YOUR WEBSITE WITH THESE THREE REPEATABLE TACTICS. One of the biggest challenges for ecommerce businesses is driving more qualified traffic to their websites. Which is a shame because: More traffic = more leads = more revenue. So what’s the best way to drive traffic to your website that doesn’t involve email or SEO? Here are three repeatable, traffic-driving tactics that you can implement today.

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