As a music therapist As a music therapist my job includes meeting every morning and

As a music therapist, my job includes meeting every morning and afternoon to discuss patients’ conditions, providing different therapy groups, updating patients’ progress, getting summons to go to court, and more.┬áThe most important thing is to use my professional “music therapy” to establish a trusting doctor-patient relationship with patients, and to use academically based and creative treatment methods so that patients have no rejection or defense against treatment.

Using music as a medium to design therapeutic groups

To provide a stress-free, intimidating environment Kuwait Phone Number that supports their psychological and spiritual recovery. Since it is “treatment”, it is necessary to see the effect. In the field of mental illness, music therapy often used as a way of communicating with patients. My unit is helping sexually assaulted patients, most of whom clinically diagnosed with Pedophilic Disorder or Paraphilic Disorder.

Some patients have additional diagnoses, such as antisocial personality, depression, or borderline personality disorder. Patients are no different from ordinary people, but often don’t know how to react or solve things they encounter things, so use the way they are most accustomed – violence, impulsiveness – to face it, and the reason why they used to this way, Often because of an abnormal growing environment.

Patients of all shapes and sizes some are actively changing their lives

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My previous unit was to help offenders of mental illness (Offenders of Mental Illness Disordered). Most of the diagnoses were schizophrenia, with symptoms of auditory hallucinations and delusions. The patients needed to take medicine to control their symptoms. stable.┬áBut if you meet “someone” (an imaginary person) and tell him that the medicine is poison and don’t take it, the symptoms will become uncontrollable, and sometimes aggressive behaviors do appear, but most of them are unreasonable behaviors.

I once had a patient who suddenly liked peeling his own skin one day, and asked him why he knew that the person in his fantasy told him not to take medicine, and said that he was a potato, so he needed to peel himself; there were also patients I thought my roommate was God and prayed to him every day.

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