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Recent hotspots have appeared frequently, such as the release of mini programs, Alipay’s “in place” function, the Hammer conference, and rumors of the closure of Magic Department Store, etc. The ups and downs in the industry have attracted Interneters to watch. As if the big names in the industry sneezed, the entire Internet would tremble three times. In the face of such a changing market environment, are you still in the process New Zealand Phone Numbers of watching the sky and working behind closed doors when making products? Friction and friction, we have to keep up with the pace of the times~ This issue of Tiantianwen has collected recent hot events for everyone, as well as the opinions of PMs in the community. What kind of spark collisions will occur? Come and see! The arrival of the WeChat application number will have any impact on the entire Internet industry?

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Visually, many products need to start working overtime recently to design corresponding pages. Corresponding to the previous one, design and interaction should also start to work overtime. The so-called Internet self-media people began New Zealand Phone Numbers to interpret it in various ways and achieved “10W+”. All kinds of technology media or technology, Internet media or public accounts are full of various analysis articles, and it seems that they are all “the public says the public is reasonable, and the mother says the mother is reasonable”, but it is actually useless.

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New Zealand Phone Number List
New Zealand Phone Number List

For ordinary people, what should I do? It’s none of my business We only see the first 6, and our users are still in the 7th, everything is calm~ zheng a few pieces: It feels like doing the original third-party development in disguise, and then making a Wechat Human Interface Guidelines for the third-party development, and the Guidelines are not New Zealand Phone Numbers perfect. At this time, I feel very powerless to imagine, let’s observe it. It is to standardize what others have done before. There is no particularly big change. As for the future, there are no breakthrough changes and characteristics. All kinds of stupid articles, hey… By the way, don’t pay special attention to new things when they come out, you will become confused.

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