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After that, After that, In addition,  on 2021, the entire organizational culture strategy that had been planned in the  previous year had to be consolidated. And today these results are reflected in a certification that is here to stay in our community. Today we continue to be a Great Place to Work in the region. We are 100% Borderless Our “Borderless” philosophy was the essence and pillar of operational effectiveness that guided.  Us to achieve great results in all our clients’ campaigns. expertise and potential of each collaborator, without analyzing whether the prospect is in a specific personal situation or even in a particular location .Moreover,  all the benefits that we offer in the company are open and apply to all operating bands, without exception. Being a Borderless community, we train and anticipate any change that happens in the environment. #ForwardThinkingMarketing.

Therefore, thanks to this mindset and the technological/digital acquisition in all our areas . Our People team developed all the communication of the organizational culture and brought it to life through the creation of our new cultural scheme. Call this great project Formula ONE LDM and it has been the axis of a whole path . That begins from the first day of each collaborator to become a platform of constant reference. Similarly , consultation and training for all. Another objective that we had to achieve in our cultural strategy was reciprocal recognition among collaborators. Fostering teamwork, empathy, and gratitude among all would help us strengthen community relations and improve internal communication during the operation.

That Is Why We Implemented

Therefore, our “Boost Program” project Mexico phone number where each collaborator can make a personal acknowledgment to that colleague.   Some critical moment and helped him solve the situation in which he was presented. This great effort of the people.  Most importantly, who obtained the most Boosts were recognized and are considered as part of the growth program within the company. It was a very active year where keeping the community identified with the vision of LDM was our priority. We had to have open channels to attend to and detect any focus that prevented it and unify all collaborators towards the same path.  We continue to advance and innovate in the way we operate. At LDM we know the benefits generated by creating physical workspaces.

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Where employees evolve their strategies and improve the flow of the operation.   We had to adapt to the change that occurs in the ecosystem. As part of our Borderless mindset . Where  combine the physical presence of employees in the offices.  With the digital tools already in place to connect other colleagues who are outside their location. “In LDM it is a priority to develop a better organization for everyone. Thank you for being a part of this great recognition and a special thanks to the People team for leading it.

To This Objective We Relate

 All the points of mentorship, skills development, training, professional growth  .President LDM This transition has been  to prepare all our talent to adapt to this new model. We have been very attentive to the general perception of the community . And to the advancement of the complete vaccination schemes to promote the face-to-face coexistence of the work cells. The communication and discipline of the security measures in the face of this pandemic situation that.  We are experiencing has been vital to generate peace of mind for all those attending our work spaces. Work Life Integration With this new operating model, we can offer integration and flexibility to organize time personal activities. It is a great support that employees perceive as a way to meet the company’s objectives without sacrificing other areas of their lives.

After that, to guarantee the high level of results that we offer our clients. For instance, form a culture of efficiency and productivity focused on exceeding the objectives established at each project start. In conclusion, measure the resources and efforts focused on each activity of each collaborator for intelligent decision-making on daily operations. Above all, diversity and Multiculturality Inclusion, trust and gender equity in our community is something that .  In other words, as part of our multiculturalism and Forward Thinking philosophy . For us the diversity of thought, ideas and interests adds us together. In our hiring processes we focus on the developed skills,

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