Me become an authority for that

Customers engage with each other. Build a community around a certain niche. Building a niche Facebook group seemed like a better approach as I didn’t have any customers yet who could engage. And building a group around a certain topic attracts more people. It also helps me become an authority for that topic via content marketing. The main reason I created a HYKE Facebook page was to connect it with Instagram to get an Instagram business account, and to connect my niche Facebook group to it. Having the page as another distribution channel helps, too.

Was to connect it with Instagram

To begin with, I created the page and setup a Sign Up button which leads people to my Welcome Mat. I didn’t post anything. Screenshot showing a Facebook profile Twitter Like Instagram and Facebook – I wanted to set the page up and save my name. A more strategic approach to growing the Nepal WhatsApp Number List account will come later. Screenshot showing a Twitter profile My planned Twitter strategy is split into two categories: Retweets on my target audiences posts (70-80%). My own tweets regarding products or content. Setting up all three social media channels only took around 15-20 minutes.

Nepal WhatsApp Number List

Strategic approach to growing

My pre-marketing strategy on social media is to reach as many people as possible to get them on my email list. I don’t want to sell anything (for now). Even though I did at least something in week four and didn’t let the delay stop me totally, this week felt very slow. But this is business some times. Everything was slowed down dramatically due to my shipment delay. I started to feel angry. And, to make matters worse, the German military forced me to go on a four-week training. As I’m still an active soldier I couldn’t do anything against it.

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