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Help customers feel a connection between themselves and the brand. It encourages an emotional connection with the brand. Help build loyalty to the brand. Brand Identity consists of 2 components: Core Identity means the true identity that represents the meaning and success of the brand, for example: Lux – When we see the Lux logo, we think of beauty products for women. Dettol – When we see the Dettol logo, we think of disinfectant products. and is a product that is about protection Johnson & Johnson – When we see the Johnson & Johnson logo, we think of trustworthy products.

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It is a quality product that Tongliao Phone Number children want. Volvo – when we see this logo We will think about safety every time. The Extended Identity has a deeper element than the Core Identity in enhancing brand integrity. Since the Core Identity may not be detailed enough to do the job of describing the brand identity, the Extended Identity is complementary to the picture. all for the brand It consists of 4 perspectives as follows: Example of Benz’s Extended Identity Brand as a Product is an association with a product’s attributes, properties, value, association with users.

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Or linking with origins such as BU Leads Benz brand cars are luxury sedans. Originated in Germany Brand as an Organization is a connection with people, culture, values ​​of the organization, such as Benz is an innovative organization. Modern, agile, environmentally conscious and socially responsible, Benz will be seen as a brand with these attributes. Brand as a Person is the use of a person’s personality. In which the brand’s personal feelings and views reflect a richer brand identity. And may mean more than just product features, for example, Benz people are social people. is a senior executive success in work Brand as a.

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