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Best tweets with gifs These excellent tweets celebrated another award and a milestone for us as a company – which I tweeted with celebratory gifs. Using gifs always seems to increase engagement for us, but these tweets were by far the best tweets of August and September 2016. Engagement skyrocketed, more than triple the next best tweet in their respective months. Brazil Phone Number Best Gif Tweets Festive gif tweet How to reply to these tweets: The gifs are eye-catching, as are the numbers (see: “5000”, “9 billion dollars” and “1M”) which probably contributed to our high engagement. Feel free to let your personality shine through! Pro Tip : Pair these types of tweets with a press release or blog post on your site and check the

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These tweets are also the perfect candidates for pinning tweets to the top of your profile on Twitter. 3. Best Company Culture Tweets This category of tweets is not surprising: people use social networks to Brazil Phone Number connect with their friends. When companies joined in the fun, it was a bit of a buzzkill for those of us used to seeing friendly faces on our screens. Tweets about our employees, featuring our employees, always work well because they personalize an otherwise faceless entity in your feed. This tweet, featuring our Halloween festivities, had 420% more likes than our

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Brazil phone number list
Brazil phone number list

Tweets How to reply to these tweets: Be that annoying friend who insists on taking a group photo. It goes very far! For those of you like me who have a bit of a photography challenge, take a LOT to edit, crop, Brazil Phone Number filter, etc. Be sure to tag who’s in the photo and/or where you are, add emojis and call it a grand slam. Pro tip: These tweets can be scheduled multiple times and automatically

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