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Best Urgent Tweets We find that increasing urgency generally increases engagement with your content. Using actionable words is great for topical tweets! Best news tweets Top tweets with urgency Best Urgent Tweets How to reply to these tweets: Focus on your titles. If you’re announcing big news Canada Phone Number or reporting a big change, add words like “new,” “breaking,” and “get it now” to boost engagement. Create a few different headlines to get the message home. Pro Tip: Expect these types of tweets to get lots of clicks and retweets! Be sure to choose an original image that accurately represents your brand and relates to the content of the tweet. 6. Best tweets with

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WordStream, we have a steady stream of content, but there are a few times when we know we’ve really hit the jackpot. In those cases, I’ll throw together a bunch of tweets — more than the average social media blog post promotion — and make sure to cut out an infographic appropriately for the Canada Phone Number attached image. I’m also going to pin one to the top of our Twitter right away. We had a few that really took off – the best practices tweet for large text ads was our top performing tweet of the year! Best infographic tweets Best infographic tweets It was our best tweet of the year! How to reply to these tweets: Step One: Publish engaging and relevant content

With an Infographic Canada Phone Number

Canada phone number
Canada phone number

If you can’t produce your own infographics, borrow someone else’s (but don’t forget to give them credit!). Then, cut out the infographic to choose an eye-catching section to feature in your tweets. If you borrow an infographic, tag the company it’s from – this will increase your engagement when Canada Phone Number they retweet you. For example, one of our most popular infographics was snagged by Jed Record for this tweet.

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