Blim And Ldm Will Transform

Televisa SA de CV, the largest mass media company in Latin America and the largest in Spanish . Announced at the end of 2016 the creation of its own streaming content platform Blim. Streaming has its origin in the opportunity to bring more content to more people.  Which was a revolution in the film industry, however, this idea already existed. The idea of ​​streaming content for a monthly subscription has 3 elements. Contents Subscription or payment connection or broadband . We can attribute and thank the concept of “streaming” for having brought . All  together in a single product, thereby democratizing content at a fair price and with much more reach.


However, streaming did not invent. Neither the content, nor the monthly subscriptions, nor the broadband. “It is the form of content distribution that makes streaming so visionary, not the content” Rafael Strauss. President LDM The way of delivering the package changed the game .In this line, streaming has a weakness and like its predecessors, it can cost you your life. Streaming is not a content producer or it was not until now . A clear example of this is Televisa’s decision to remove its content from.  Netflix and create its own streaming platform . Blim is the reflection that “whoever owns the content rules” and the famous “content is king”.

Blim Vs Traditional Streaming


The strength of traditional streaming, Thailand phone number for example (Netflix) lies in its subscribers, not in its content . Since it currently produces only 25% of its catalog. This means that when the owners of the content remove it from the platform, as happened with Disne.  Netflix will be forced to produce much more of its catalog and that is where Blim has a huge opportunity in Latin America. Blim’s right arm, its content On the content side, Blim has a great opportunity. Since it comes from Televisa, which has created content in almost all of Latin America.  And much of the US for more than 40 years. In addition to that, Blim integrated 30 live channels into its platform, something that no streaming service has today.

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This will generate a commercial proposal and a very solid catalog to grow in subscribers . And be able to continue producing high-value content, which all streaming wants. The left arm, LDM Blim requires a technological project to be able to compete at the subscriber level. That is, if the strength of most platforms lies in their volume of subscribers, Blim wants to be the platform . Has it all, the ability to produce its own audiovisual material and subscribers that can build new trends in content. For this part, Blim has selected Latam Digital Marketing as partner and main operator of digital and cross-channel strategies . Which with its experience in data collection tools through artificial intelligence.


Selection And Creation Of Audiences

In the USA and Latin America and due to its proven experience in executing digital strategies, it will be able to design a data and campaign execution architecture that will allow Blim to grow in subscribers and accurately track what users want to see and thus offer the best service of streaming in the region. BOM Our goal is accelerated growth for our partners , so we use technological tools beyond the traditional, such as Customer Data Platforms, Demand Side Platform , artificial intelligence tools (adext) and Customer Engagement . Platforms (AppsFlyer and Braze), among many others. All this in order to lead our partners to consolidate themselves in their industry with an updated and growing business model.


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