Brand Loyalty is When a Customer is Devoted to a Particular Brand Over Their Competitors

If you can create that, it’s so powerful for your brand to connect with customers in that way. 3. Brand Loyalty

Now, there’s virtually no point to brand equity and brand recognition if you cannot get them to do the second lap in the race. How do you go the distance?

Easy. You get your customers to come back for more. Time and time again.

Brand loyalty is just that. Over time, with positive experiences and good service, you’ll begin to promote healthy relationships with your customer base. This means that the people who buy from you will become hopelessly devoted (Thanks Olivia Newton-John!) to you and will not be open to buying from your competitors.

Brand loyalty is when a customer is devoted to a particular brand over their competitors. Note that brand loyalty isn’t customer loyalty, which involves the customer’s buying a product or service because of its specific quality.

What Is a Brand Identity?

Brand identity is the foundation upon which you build your brand management plan. You cannot venture into an expedition without the proper tools at hand.

You make up your brand identity of all the visual elements that make your brand stand out. But alas, don’t get confused!

Brand identity is not your logo Engineering Directors Email Lists and it’s not the image behind your brand. Oh no! Brand identity is what your customers and prospects, and even you, can see when it comes to all and every visual aspect that makes up your brand.

  • your logo
  • all the different variations of said logo
  • your brand colors and the color palette in its entirety
  • typefaces, fonts, and all typographic elements
  • the style of your images and all your visual content
  • graphical elements like icons
  • brand style manual
  • your visual identity on your website and your social media platforms

Brand identity is the entire package. It’s the shoes your brand wears, the way that it speaks, the way it behaves, and how its hair has been styled.

Brand Identity Design Basics

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As you can tell, you make up your brand identity by how you design all the elements to create an overall look and feel.

So what goes into creating and designing the ultimate brand identity? 1. Clearly Defined Purpose and Positioning

Your brand purpose is exactly that, why does your brand exist? What ultimate purpose does it have?

Brand positioning is what you’ll do to ensure your product sticks out in the minds of your consumers and ideal target customers. Basically, brand positioning is how you make your brand purpose actionable and feasible. 2. Detailed Market Research

You wouldn’t take a product to market unless you’d done the research and you knew that it would sell well. The same goes for your brand and how it behaves in the market.

You can really help your brand’s purpose and positioning if you back the strategic direction by researching potential customers and your industry market. 3. Personable Brand Personality

Brand personality can be best described as how your brand would be if they were a person.

The brand personality should pull through in all places that your brand appears, from how your images on social media look to how your content on your website sounds.

Really, how likable is your brand? 4. Designed Elements For Your Brand

Ensure that all the touchpoints of your brand are well-designed, high-quality, and unique.

Your logo should be memorable and easy to recognize.

The typeface and font that you use across all platforms and in traditional marketing collateral should be true to the image you’re portraying for your brand.

A cohesive color palette is really important to pulling all your brand designs together.

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