Brand Messaging: What You Say and How You Market It

Brand messaging is vital for any entrepreneur looking to succeed. Without a good brand messaging framework, it will take longer for your company to reach its goals.

Brand messaging strategy is the thing that covers how a company positions itself. It can include many elements that work together to help attract followers and customers. Consider how it can help any organization improve sales and reach goals.

What Is a Brand Message?

Brand messaging is a marketing tactic you can use to tell people about your brand. It includes things like internal and external messaging.

Internal messaging includes the things that you and your team use to set your brand apart. External brand messaging covers the messages you send to the public, including your customers and overall audience. Both types of messaging VP R&D Email Lists should cover your brand’s personality, the tone of voice, and the language you use.

Of course, these elements will differ based on your organization and your clients. You need to create messages that will attract the right people.

Depending on your industry, you may use a different voice than a similar organization. So consider exactly what you sell and how you can market that offer effectively with brand messaging.

Elements of Brand Messaging

Brand messaging refers to numerous elements that make up your brand messaging framework. They should support your company and promote your services and values well.

Explore the following brand messaging elements, and consider what you already have established for your company. Perhaps you have already incorporated these elements, but they need some improvement. Or maybe you’re starting from scratch.

Either way, the following elements create a successful brand message.


Your brand voice refers to the tone you use when marketing your brand. Consider word choice, phrasing, and energy.

As you start building your brand messaging, you can identify the way to get into customers’ hearts. For example, you might want to be more formal if you target professionals or more energetic if you manufacture toys.

Be sure to identify who you want to speak to and how you want them to receive your message. Then, you can use the same tone and messaging in a blog post or elsewhere on your website. If you can do that, you’ll be able to attract and retain your ideal clients.

Promoting your business will also be easier when you use a consistent tone. People will be able to recognize your posts when they see them.


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Not every brand has a slogan, but it can be a vital part of your brand messaging. If you think about popular brands like McDonald’s or Nike, the slogans immediately come to mind: “I’m lovin’ it” and “Just do it.”

Try to create a slogan that attracts your target audience and sticks in their mind. The slogan can make people feel accepted, encouraged, or happy. When they associate such a phrase with your brand, they’ll more likely buy from you.

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