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In the digital age we are increasingly used to implementing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as part of our automation processes. But what about the support or customer service through messaging? It is possible to do it 24/7! The time has come to implement the WhatsApp Bot. As we discussed in our previous article on the Chatbot era , generating leads for companies at any time of the day becomes a challenge. If we don’t have the budget to invest in a rotating team, office hours may not be enough. So welcome to bots! When talking about chat bots, we are referring to a further step for Artificial Intelligence, since these bots are capable of holding conversations with people and carrying out certain orders that we indicate to them.

Many users will unknowingly be interacting with a series of processes and commands, while they think there is a person on the other side of the screen responding. Artificial intelligence to generate leads while you sleep What is a bot? It is a program creat with computer commands and conditionals, designed to interact with users pretending to be people and fulfill a specific objective through algorithms. Is it possible to create a custom WhatsApp Chatbot? If it is. It is not a WhatsApp bot for all companies, on the contrary, you can use a platform and create your own. Use of Smart Cell Phones Will Continue to Increase by 2020.

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Of cell phones not only as a search tool, but also  Bolivia phone numbers  as brand inquiries will continue to increase. So companies that doubted it in 2019 should be more than ready for 2020 as part of their lead generation strategy . The Mobile Economy 2019 report predicts that smartphone adoption will grow in all regions of the world. Globally, this population penetration will grow from 60% in 2018 to 79% in 2025. Examining the prediction region by region, adoption will be much more significant in developing economies as in territories like Europe and North America smartphones are already used by the majority of the population.

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The report predicts that mobile data usage will grow fivefold by 2024. Is your brand strategy ready for this? Whatsapp Bot: Customer Service in Instant Messaging as our best ally . It is undeniable that smartphones are increasingly used on a daily basis. This is why our strategy must be increasingly focused on more extensive customer service. Since they are essential for our daily experience with consumers. So, as smartphone adoptions grow and mobile data coverage improves, messaging apps like the WhatsApp chatbot are sure to appeal to an ever-wider audience. Slowly but surely they are cementing their status as the most direct way to contact consumers.

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It is a topic that has been sounding for a couple of years . Chatbots continue to offer great benefits to companies and consumers. Today the Chatbots for WhatsApp are doing the same. It is time to get out of the routine and reach a new level in communication.  And in our commercial work we will do this by developing Chatbots for WhatsApp. Believe it or not, creating a WhatsApp bot is simple and straightforward, but only when best practices are implement. Create the Custom WhatsApp Bot You Need You can do it! Start using this digital tool that will allow you to keep in touch with your customers. To create Chatbots for WhatsApp you must first Request.

WhatsApp Business API In other words, before you can create Chatbots for WhatsApp . You need to download the beta app called WhatsApp Business API . Currently this application is aim at medium-sized companies. You can select to be a customer or a solution provider. The app also requires your company name, website URL, and company representative name and information. Once your request has been review and approv . You can start using the WhatsApp API. Source: And, as if that wasn’t convincing enough.

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