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Bh also looking at building a long-term relationship And creating stories. To stay in the minds of consumers through activities in. Various forms that creates a connection in the mind Product Brand is each product of the company. Or services of the company Have a clear target group that focuses on a particular group. People involv in management are product managers, employees, sales teams. Marketing support teams. to help develop products and market them to reach and meet consumer nes The product planning process has a clear cycle.

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Some products are sold only Paraguay Phone Number during certain periods. Some products require a monthly, quarterly or yearly sales plan. may have to shut down or make other products to replace When promoting, promote each product such as Diet Coke, KitKat, Iphone, IPAD. It can be seen that both levels are clearly different in duties. But there is a consistency that cannot be separat. Corporate Brand is consider a corporate-level strategy that requires a clear direction of the business. This will come from product planning. to capture each target group according to the establish strategy The most serious product brand risks It may be that the product does not meet the nes of customers.

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If not developing products to meet BU Leads customer nes Maybe create a new product that meets the nes better will not affect other products directly But if the level of Corporate Brand has problems or bad news comes up May cause the entire organization to fall and stand. And it takes a very long time to heal. It can affect every product of the organization at all.Brand positioning or Brand Positioning lets us know that different brand positioning in the market. able to create value for consumers and also creates a memorable line in consumers So what are the steps in brand positioning.

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