Their coverage on Uncrate

Most design tools will have a “Save for Web” option to help with this, but you can also try TinyPng to help.[*] 7. TELL A GREAT STORY For most store owners, “Public Relations” brings up connotations of expensive agencies or bad email pitches. But that’s not always the case. Truth is, PR doesn’t have to cost a ton of money, and if you have a great story to tell, editors will appreciate your pitch arriving in their inbox. Take sauce company Bushwick Kitchen (then called ‘Mixed Made’), for example. When they first launched, PR was a key driver in their growth — helping them hit $170,000 in revenue in their first 12 months.

Truth is PR doesn’t have to cost

They generated press coverage in places like Uncrate by giving away sample bottles to relevant writers. Screenshot showing a product page Their coverage on Uncrate (and other sites) came down to good old-fashioned hard work. When influencers would comment on Instagram posts Canada WhatsApp Number List featuring their product, Bushwick Kitchen would ensure they sent out samples. It’s team worked hard to find contacts at large food blogs and sent samples to their offices. When word got out that the editor of a big-name publication had bought a bottle of their sauce. The team painstakingly found a way to get in touch with that editor directly.

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At large food blogs and sent samples

Free samples are nice, but the key to good PR is simple: tell a great story. Being a writer or journalist is a tough job, especially now that the news cycle is spinning 24/7 and people are constantly craving new content. Instead of just pitching one of your products or your business as a whole, ask how you can help each journalist you email. Think about: What’s compelling about your story? Why would a reader care about it. How will your story help the journalist to generate pageviews for their publication? Why is it a good fit for this writer in particular. And if you want the BEST results, only pitch journalists

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