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Many innovations that. Will ease your data collection and help you to more specific and accurate. Foresight in your business. It is more functional than ua regarding cross-channel. Data collection, productive usage of machine learning, event-based. Data model, data streams, and privacy consent. When should you upgrade. Now or later? The answer The Value is simple. You can move to ga4 to comprehend. And get used to its new features, but you should also keep using ua. To reach your historical data. Once limited to youtube, this type of. Video format is now wide-reaching, and users can find unpacking videos for just. About any product imaginable on instagram, snapchat, and facebook.

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For any organization to draw insights and make decisions well-informed. In addition, it allows you to make comparisons and understand the The Value course of events. So, we strongly recommend you keep both of these properties to. Access your historical data. Then, you can switch between them to connect. Your historical data. Moreover, if you upgrade to Czech Republic Phone Number ga4 as quickly as possible. You can use it to create historical data for at least one year in this property. And this will be an advantage for your organization. So do not wait until. July 2023 to upgrade to ga4, so you can start collecting new historical. Data on this property.

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Finally, you can confirm the flow of data by. Tag assistant reporting from the ‘debug view’ segment. You can get more detailed information about upgrading to ga4 check here. When should you upgrade to ga4? You can upgrade to ga4 until st july 2023. So it is better to upgrade it quickly to familiarize yourself with the new options. Ga4 enables you. But there are some points that you should keep. In mind. Upgrade to ga4 does not bring your historical data to this property. Your historical data kept in your ua account will safely stay there. However, ua will not collect any new data from that day on. So you will start. With a clear and empty data history in ga4.

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