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We explain what a Customer Data Platform is, its adoption process, as well as its components and functions. Analyze when it is recommend to use this tool and.  We propose external factors that help its implementation and thus be able to dominate the world of data. What is a Customer Data Platform? A Customer data platform (CDP) is the most important part of the “omnichannel” process. It is the platform that integrates 1st, 2nd and 3rd Party Data in a single database . It also integrates the tools that serve this data, CRM and DMP and is to trace the customer experience. How is a CDP born? It was born from the need to create . Marketing strategy focuson the user experience and not so much on the good or service.

Both a Customer Relationship Management ( CRM ) and a Data Management Platform ( DMP ) talk about user profiles and audiences. The CDP assumes that you will use the data to create profiles and an audience . But it focuses on creating an experience with 360º traceability and in real time.  Which integrates the user’s behavior in all the channels in which he interacts, to carry out a true ” omnichannel marketing “. A CDP was with the purpose of integrating data from different sources, analyzing them with. The user experience in mind and launching personalized campaigns to a specific target . This in turn generates resource optimization that translates into ROI maximization ( Return of investment ) and growth in sales.

Brands Increasingly Require

Greater precision in data analysis to reach  Afghanistan phone number the correct target and today it is not only about reaching the correct target. They need to do it at the right time.” Alberto Alvarez CEO LDM A CDP is by all those who want to increase their sales . Enhance their ROI and ROAS (Return of advertising spend) , and above all who want to create campaigns based.  On user experience, -sounds good and sounds for everyone, right?- However, this is not how the need for a CDP is discovered , this need is born when you focus on creating an experience for your user. So you discover that you need to concentrate the following types of data.  On a single platform data uses customer data platform cdp Which brands already use a CDP?

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Due to its way of operating and acting, it is easy to detect which brand already implements. The user experience as the main pillar in its marketing strategy and integrates multi-channel platforms in its digital executions.  By definition, is synonymous with using a CDP . A great example of someone who uses a CDP is Blim  . The Mexican streaming content company, the “Mexican Netflix”. In order for Blim to stand up to this giant, it uses a CDP that allows it to create its strategies for user acquisition, retention.  Content promotion and, above all, to be competitive in the content suggestion model. What is needed to integrate a CDP into my Marketing operation? There are technical requirements, but they are not exclusive to be able to implement a CDP

What Will Make You Able To

Operate a CDP or not , is that you are a Data Driven company and that entails a cultural and operational factor, in addition to having a broad “ Know How ” in data modeling by your Marketing department in conjunction with some other area of ​​numerical analysis. However, the most important factor to operate a CDP successfully is to have an implementation and execution based on the integration of the 3 systems (CRM, DMP and CDP) and the 3 data sources (1st, 2nd and 3rd party). . To know what CRM, DMP and CDP systems are, and the 3 data sources 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data, read our article “How to be a Data Driven Company”.

The integration Integration is going to be the engine of our data ship, the rudder will be the CDP and the captain will be us when executing the recommendations that we can create within the CDP to cross them with our Marketing strategy and thus be able to make real-time, personalized decisions. to each user. We will be able to optimize our programmatic advertising and, above all, enhance the experience of implementing the 3 systems and basing ourselves on their results. The latter is the challenge of industry 4.0 how does a customer data platform work LDM + mparticle In LDM , the campaigns that are  based on user experience are thanks to the strategic alliance with . .

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