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Different from marketing positioning. By positioning the brand is how the brand designs the presentation of the image. to occupy a space in the minds of customers Brand positioning strategies therefore involve building brand associations in the minds of customers. To allow customers to perceive the brand in a specific way into different forms. that shows value The positioning of the brand in the new era must be based on Purpose, Beliefs, Principles and Personality , also known as Brand Philosophy. We will see the difference in positioning in different ways.

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The market positioning is specific Slovenia Phone Number to the aspects of how brands compete in different markets. that understands the needs of consumer groups And what drives the purchase of goods and services? While brand positioning is aimed at explaining the philosophy of a brand that has a long-term plan. Cover photo by fabiennew from FreeImagesfrom posts about Brand Personality or Brand Personality described the day before. Today I try to search and gather the personality of each brand to see Apple Apple Store Source: The Apple brand reflects modernity, innovation, and the creation of technology. or something new And this personality type will attract people who like them in the same way.

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When new products come out, there BU Leads will always be people who love Apple. and has become an indispensable thing in daily life Starbucks Starbucks Shop Source: Starbucks is one of the world’s most modern coffee chains. and stand out from the general coffee shop and have elevated themselves to become a community (Community) of like-minded people The personality of Starbucks and its employees It shows the friendliness with the customers, having a conversation, interacting. And Starbucks also shows social status by having fun and showing off. Red Bull Red Bull extreme event Source brandtalkwa.

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