Digital Marketing Through Artificial Intelligence

LDM Innovation Ventures is a set of private forums where we present the latest trends in digital marketing, AdTech and Gaming, with experts from different industries, media platforms, startups and invited brands. On February 19, we presented three Mexican startups: Decidata.TV. Companies with the ambition, disruptiveness and technology to change the landscape of digital marketing by making use of artificial intelligence. In this article we present a summary with the most relevant insights of the session. Innovation is the creation or change of focus of a product or service that results in something different that adds value to the current Alberto Alvarez, LDM CEO In digital marketing, innovation has to be accompanied by tangible results.


Whether in optimization of resources, higher sales or better brand positioning, among others. However, there are ideas that, in addition to innovating, break paradigms and turn 360 degrees to establish a before and after. In this article we present 3 examples of Startups that have taken innovation to another level and are managing to revolutionize the way we see Digital Marketing. Decidata.TV: How to synchronize your digital pattern with your television advertising? François Videlaine, Business Development Latin America at @Decidata.TV, spoke about the technology developed to be able to synchronize your online and offline advertising, which is one of its most innovative products.


Moment Marketing Is A Patented


Its technology is based on machine learning Spain phone number algorithms to discover new audiences and learn their qualities,  model that.  By means of artificial intelligence, detects your television commercials in real time to be able to launch.  The digital campaign instantly and even more, it is capable of recognizing your competition’s commercials to activate.  A digital campaign for your company product in real time. This feature is called TV Sync. They also showed us Radio Sync, which works similar to the previous function but in the tuning of radio stations. Another feature is Weather Sync, which allows you to sync your digital campaigns . With real-time weather conditions and trigger content according one step ahead of Marketing and advertising trends.

Spain phone number


In this way, unify your marketing strategy to create an omnichannel connection with your user and be able to interact with him through any screen, that is, “single-screen marketing” Karma Pulse: Social Listening and its impact on brand decision-making Ximena Iñigo CEO & Co-Founder at @KarmaPulse, with its Metrics tool, through artificial intelligence, manages to identify and extract opinions and conversations from social networks to obtain the actionable knowledge that is needed from social listening with an accuracy of detection of conversations in Spanish. One of the great competitive advantages that Karma Pulse has is that its accuracy is 92% in conversations in Spanish, the highest in the market.


This Is Thanks To Its Specialization


In the language, since many of these tools are designed for markets in the USA, Canada and Europe. This helps brands to be able to understand the perception of their users with their brand .  And to be able to make the best decisions based on opinions in real time. Profits Brands activate their communication based on the taste of their users.  Product decision making based on current perception .They are real comments and not generalized (unlike a focus group) .What brand would not want to know what its users think about it? However,  optimization as a pillar of digital marketing Alvaro Martinez, Chief Revenue Officer at @Adext AI. Showed how audience optimization through artificial intelligence manages to increase the performance of your digital marketing strategy.

Optimizing those that have the best results for the brand’s objectives and discarding those that do not obtain favorable results. The key to Adext AI lies in the tool’s ability to learn to search for new audiences. On Facebook and Google and have progressively positive results in a very short period of time. This is thanks to its technology, where its algorithms learn to recognize patterns in untapped audiences. BOM At Latam Digital Marketing, we focus on innovating through technology to always achieve exceptional results with all our clients.  Maintaining the highest quality standards and looking to other horizons to knowwhen to implement new tools. That is why we choose partners such as Decidata. Therefore, Karma Plus and Adext, among many others, to navigate with them and always.

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