Direct contact with blood and meat of animals should be limited, and must be

When handling sick animals or infected tissues and during slaughter. In addition, avoid close physical contact with people infected with , and avoid using contaminated materials; wear gloves and protective. Equipment when caring for patients, and wash hands as required after taking care of or visiting patients . Isolation of patients at home or in a medical facility is generally recommended. This article is often published under the authorization of Spring Magazine, and the original text is published hereIn recent days, the epidemic has rapidly heated up and broke out. to take care of people at home,, also Gradually move from blocking prevention to. How to coexist with the epidemic. Whether you are a healthy person, a close contact, a diagnosed person, a recovered person, a caregiver, etc., “infection” is definitely a major source of “threat” for us now, not just worrying about the diagnosis,

Most easily cause us to have obvious anxiety, but the physical

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symptoms of anxiety (chills, weakness, nausea, gastrointestinal discomfort, etc.) The fear of being infected is more, and the anxiety state is maintained more as a result. At this time, calming the threatening system of our brain and allowing us to have a calm body will allow us to restore our Morocco Phone Number thinking brain to normal, and we will be able to take other ways to deal with worrisome or anxiety-provoking situations, whether by assisting People around you are dealing with the diagnosis, or trying to help yourself through the diagnosis process. Take your anxiety temperature Just like measuring body temperature every day,

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Gloves and other appropriate protective clothing should be worn

we can also measure our “anxiety temperature”. You can choose one of the most representative anxiety words (such as anxiety, worry, fear, worry, nervousness), and then you. Can score your anxiety (you can use 0-10 points, or even 0-100 points), Also, see if your anxiety temperature is a little too high. Finally, ask yourself two questions: What is my anxiety telling me, reminding me to care or to care? What can I do to but also Worrying about affecting the people around you. Or worrying about your work/study…will be affected. Such an uncertain, invisible and uncontrollable epidemic threat will

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