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Therefore, content writing in this digital age You need to be creative. to create sharing, spread the word And in this era, it’s not just journalists who are the medium to tell the story of our organization alone. But everyone can share all our stories. And the accuracy of the content is important. If the content is wrong and then go out in the social world It’s difficult to fix and can be disastrous. 2. Social world An important channel for publishing press releases is inevitable through social media because of the population in the social world that can access the content.

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There are enormous Both in Luxembourg Phone Number the form of making videos, articles, news pictures, infographics. and press releases in other forms If the content we write is very interesting There must be people who want to share and pass on. which depends on many factors such as You must have an identity on social media first. Content must be of a certain quality. to build credibility The content should be useful to the audience. and create participation with others If the content is about the gods of the organization Surely no one would share content like this. You need to know where your target audience spends their time online.

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As what time so that they can BU Leads choose the most suitable time to communicate for best performance 3. Search In the digital world, we often search for information from the internet. Google search has become another important aspect of public relations in the digital age. When your organization communicates something and causes people to want to know us want to find more information Will search for those information through Google or follow through social media Imagine if our organization had bad news. Or there are some criticisms on the Internet or on social medi would definitely.

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