Do You Remember Nostalgic Design To Dream Away With

Everyone has a longing for the past. ‘Everything used to be better’ is a common cliché for a reason. Marketers and designers know how to respond cleverly to this desire for better times, the nostalgia. I came across a few nice examples this week that I would like to share with you.


Modern Meets Retro

Graphic designer Luli Kibudi created  a project where modern and retro merge. For the older youngsters among us you will find a lot of recognition, such as the video tape, the cassette tape, the typewriter and the job advertisements in the newspaper. What is your favorite? Finally, advertisements from the Brazilian marcom company  made by Moma São Paulo.

Kibudi’s series reminded me of this brilliant video from Harvard Azerbaijan Mobile Number Innovation Labs about the evolution of the agency. In the video you can see how in the 80s the desktop is still cluttered with objects such as newspapers, books, a rolodex and a calculator.

But during the time travel to 2014, more and more objects such as apps in the computer and smartphone disappear. In the end, the desk is practically empty, except for a laptop, telephone and sunglasses. What would this video look like in 2030?


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Nostalgia, Marketing & Design

A film in which children listen to songs from the 90s for the first time, a boy trying to figure out how an old telephone (with dial!), a viral image where you have to guess what a cassette tape and a pencil have in common … You regularly come across nostalgic content online that reminds people of their own childhood.

Nostalgia marketing responds to trends from the past. It tries to get consumers to relive a certain moment or period, writes Marle Reimert in her article on nostalgia marketing . It allows you to create a positive brand association by linking it to previous, external experiences. In her article, Reimert takes a closer look at the why of nostalgia marketing and why it is currently a trend. Although I think that responding to nostalgia is of all times, it is just human!

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