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Examples of headlines that will make you so curious: 17 Facts You Won’t Believe Are True – via Buzzfeed Three Job Interview Mistakes You Think You Avoided But Didn’t – via Fast Company Earthworms are more important than pandas (if you want to save the planet) – via The Conversation 7 Reasons The Best Employees Quit, Even When They Love Their Jobs – via Inc. Here’s why you should never get up to pee in the middle of the night – via Little Things Tip #9: Albania Phone Number Write Multiple Headlines and Vote for the Best Ones It’s a strategy I’ve been using since I started writing article titles and presentation titles. Let yourself brain dump all the headline

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Think of ways to mix and match them. Then share the top three to five titles with your team and ask them to vote. You’ll probably come to Albania Phone Number a clear consensus in no time. best headline writing tips With these tips, your headline writing game has the potential to reach new heights of click-through rates! (Protip: This technique also works if you’re trying to write a good intro.) Questions, especially weird ones, are the perfect way to grab someone’s attention in a way that makes them want more, creating a so-called curiosity gap. Why? Because the instinct is to want to find out the answer, which can only be done if they click on the title and visit your website. If used correctly, this

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Albania phone number list
Albania phone number list

The reason Refinery29 excels at this is that their titles are usually very opinionated and leave the reader wanting more. Albania Phone Number Check out the examples below – Chrissy Teigen had cosmetic surgery?! Why would I want to piss off Beyonce’s publicist? You get the point!

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