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The 19th is the court date of Wang Baoqiang’s divorce case, and Weibo ushered in another traffic peak. After the Wang Baoqiang incident broke out, Weibo entered the $10 billion club, so some people say that this is Wang Baoqiang’s credit, which Greece Mobile Number is obviously a joke. This shows that Weibo is still the most important Internet discussion platform and instant message publishing platform in public hot events. For example, during the Rio Olympics, Weibo naturally gathered Olympic stars such as Fu Yuanhui. There are countless public events that benefit. Between social media and media, Weibo is more focused on the “media” attribute. In contrast, Twitter is more focused on social attributes.

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Facebook’s follower Renren in China no longer has any sense of existence, and Tencent is the one who fulfills the role of social network. However, after Tencent gave up Weibo and Weibo to focus on media, the competitive relationship between the Greece Mobile Number two parties has become weaker and weaker. Sit back and enjoy the dividends of content entrepreneurship Since 2015, Weibo has vigorously promoted the “content” strategy. The reason for this choice is that Weibo has chosen “media” between media and social media. The essence of the content platform is still the media and the entertainment. It’s the attention economy. It is this key choice that makes Weibo sit on the helicopter of the stock price.

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