Express Advocacy vs. Issue Advocacy

Express advocacy and issue advocacy are two of the most typical kinds of advocacy advertising.

Express advocacy is for political campaigns and focuses on political advertising that supports or opposes specific electoral results, according to Ballot Pedia.

Essentially, you will find statements related to pro or against certain political outcomes from express advocacy advertisements. This form of advertising will tell the audience whether to vote in favor of or against a political candidate. Express advocacy needs to follow federal campaign regulations.

Issue advocacy, on the other hand, focuses on bigger and broader political issues. It does not focus on political candidates. These types of advertising campaigns focus on emphasizing important social or political factors.

Advocacy Campaigns

Numerous advocacy campaigns have gained traction and improved their brand’s awareness. For example, the company FEED donates meals to the hungry with every sale of their various handbags and accessories.

One simple advocacy campaign Chief VP Marketing Officer Email Lists they chose is the #FEEDSupper hashtag where the company asked their customers to host meals for the hungry and/or homeless, gather donations, and post photographs online of their events.

The company Airbnb aimed to let their opinion known in terms of the global refugee crisis and promoted inclusivity through the #WeAccept campaign.

This campaign aired on a commercial during the super bowl in 2017, which led to more than 30,000 tweets during the first half of the super bowl. The Airbnb campaign included a plan to provide temporary housing to at least 100,000 people over five years.

These are some key strategies to use in advocacy campaigns no matter what type of organization you’re running.

Takeaway and Solutions for Your Team

Advocacy advertising is a good strategy to achieve several different goals, such as raising awareness of environmental, social, or political issues. For corporations, it can build brand loyalty, increase customer satisfaction, and improve the company image in the marketplace.

Your team can find key solutions to implement advocacy advertising by considering the strategies of companies like Tesla, Chobani, Airbnb, or FEED.

You can use social media channels, email marketing, radio, or television to position advocacy campaigns for your customer base to follow. With this marketing strategy, your company will shine and stand out among its competition.


What Is an Example of Advocacy Advertising?

Chief VP Marketing Officer Email Lists

An example of advocacy campaigns is when a nonprofit organization raises the issue of cancer survival and aims to fund cancer research to produce better treatments and cures. The American Cancer Society, for instance, uses this type of marketing and holds relays to boost research funding.

Which Type of Advertising Is Also Called Advocacy Advertising?

Issue-only ads, interest advocacy ads, or issue advocacy advertising are different names for the term advocacy advertising. This type of marketing aims to spread a specific message about a problem, such as a social or a political topic. Advocacy groups or special interest groups are responsible for spreading this form of communication.

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