Clear Focused Enticing Eye-catching

Copy on your product landing pages are your product photos. This goes without saying, but they should be: High-quality Dynamic (detailed, 360 views). Clear Focused Enticing Eye-catching Optimized for the web (compress images with a tool before uploading). If you don’t have the gear or expertise to take beautiful product photos. I suggest you hire a professional to help. Since visitors can’t touch or hold your products in their hands. Your product photos can ultimately make or break the sale.

Have the gear or expertise to take

One of my favorite examples of a product page done well is from a company called BustedTees. First, their product pages are clean, concise, and include Ghana WhatsApp Number List high-quality photos of their products. Screenshot showing a tshirt on bustedtees But what’s awesome, is they take it a step further. We all know how frustrating it can be to shop for clothes online. They never seem to fit! BustedTees recognized that problem and created a custom sizing chart for their visitors about to purchase

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We all know how frustrating it can

Screenshot showing information about tshirts It’s a subtle landing page feature. But gives the visitor a chance to “see the product in action” before ever trying it on themselves. P.S. If you’re unsure how or where to get started with building a landing page from scratch. I’d highly recommend checking out Sumo’s Welcome Mat. September: Collaborate With The Most Powerful Personalities In Your Industry. And Increase Referrals With Affiliate Marketing Where influencer marketing is a marketing

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