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Familiarity with voice in the Netherlands. Use of speech Albania WhatsApp Number List assistants grows to 37% of the respondents now use a speech assistant. That is 7% more than in 2020. It is striking that voice is more popular with men than with women. Use speech Albania WhatsApp Number List assistants in the Netherlands. Use is growing in all age groups, but most among the over-65s. For this group, voice technology can be easily accessible in terms of use, because you remove complicat Albania WhatsApp Number List user interfaces and can perform.

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Say the assistant feels like a friend. The emotional connection Albania WhatsApp Number List with voice assistants Do people feel connected to a voice assistant? This is a new question in De Nationale Voice Monitor this year. 22% of the respondents said that they Albania WhatsApp Number List would miss the assistant very much if he were no longer there. 10% even say that the assistant feels like a friend. It can help with Albania WhatsApp Number List feelings of loneliness.

Emotional connection with smart Albania WhatsApp Number List speaker Netherlands. How often are voice assistants? The use of voice assistants is increasing. of respondents who use voice assistants use them several times a week. The number of daily users stagnates and remains at How Albania WhatsApp Number List often is a voice assistant used? The research shows that the elderly Albania WhatsApp Number List are mainly interested in options for care. Think of making an appointment, requesting blood pressure or ordering a prescription.

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