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I’ll give you an example. If you type in ‘candy store New York’ on Google, the results will show pages about ‘candy stores as well as ‘candy shops’. Google understands that ‘store’ and ‘shop’ are synonyms, and treats them as such.

Snippets from the search result page for the search ‘candy store New York’

This doesn’t take away from the fact that you should still use your focus keyword a few times throughout your post. After all, the focus keyword is still the word or phrase your audience was searching for. These are the words your audience uses and will expect to find in your text. That exact match remains important. But, to avoid using your keyword too many times – also called keyword stuffing – you can use synonyms and related keywords. That way you’re able to rank on these keywords while keeping your text attractive and readable.

What about keyword density?



Of course, it’s important to regularly South Korea Mobile Number use your focus keyword and be aware of your keyword density. But you shouldn’t overdo it. In the old days, SEOs tended to stuff their texts with their keyword as much as they could. That way, Google would understand what the  text was about and rank it accordingly. But Google has come a long way since then. It can read and understand texts and is on a continuous quest to better this understanding.

Yoast SEO can help you to find related keyphrases based on your focus keyword, saving you loads of time and hassle. All you need to do is click on the button to ‘Get related keyphrases’; you’ll find it right underneath your focus keyword in the Yoast sidebar. When you click that button, you’ll see a list of related keywords along with search trend data.

As a SEO Premium or SEO for Shopify user,

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South Korea Mobile Number

you can add up to five related keyphrases to your SEO analysis. This lets you optimize your text for these additional terms in a similar way to your focus keyphrase. As always, you’ll see our familiar feedback bullets to guide you. If you’re a Yoast SEO Free user, you can explore related keyphrases using the tool, but you won’t be able to add these to your SEO analysis.

Yoast SEO can help you balance the use of your keyword, synonyms, and related keywords by recognizing word forms in different languages. If you want to know more, you can read about the related keywords feature in SEO for WordPress and the related keywords featured in SEO for Shopify.

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