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Alibaba B2B was the first to classify and grade, and at the same time to offer special privileges, but did not consider the issue of contribution at that time. Taobao is free for three years, and it follows the path of customer contribution: let customers help Taobao to attract more buyers, and launch a comprehensive rating index for Taobao Benin Mobile Number customers, which focuses on product release, secondary complaints rate, and store ratings. . The higher the overall rating score, the better the recommendation. At the beginning of Taobao, contribution was more important than money.

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Both money and effort are important. It’s like playing a game. You don’t have money to buy props, so you play for ten hours a day, but it is fair to allow others to spend 1,000 yuan to buy a knife and increase their strength all at once. But the platform should encourage those who contribute. It cannot be said that the platform is all local tyrants. Finally, it is possible to go in and out. Taobao didn’t do the advance and retreat back then, it set the level to the Benin Mobile Number red heart-diamond-crown-golden crown model that only advances and never retreats. But Alipay can be entered and withdrawn from the first day, because its membership level is the credit level. The credit rating must be dynamic, and Sesame Credit can be raised or lowered. Emirates Airlines entered China and sent me a black card directly.

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Benin phone numbers list
Benin phone numbers list

I left it there, it didn’t work for 9 months, and then they called me and said you haven’t flown once, and if you don’t fly in the next three months, you’ll be downgraded to a gold card. This is where you can advance and retreat. No matter how strong the background is, if you don’t make a contribution, you won’t be supported. To sum up, 2C must be classified and graded, and 2B is even more so. This is the case with transaction services. This is not Benin Mobile Number an internal management issue, it must be known to customers and educated customers to know. How to get customers to upgrade and fight monsters, then tell the customer that effort is more important than money. If you really can’t do anything, you can do it with money. The mechanism should be able to advance and retreat.

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