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If the bicycle sharing platform can really survive until everyone has the awareness of environmental protection, and everyone does not care about “privatization” or not, then it will be the spring of bicycle sharing, otherwise it will repeat the same mistakes of “burning money” . The topic of bicycle sharing has been hotly hyped these days. Some people Hong Kong Phone Numbers even say that this is another trend since 2016. Is that really the case? This article analyzes bicycle sharing from the perspective of product managers to see if it is a good product. 1. Analysis of the basic elements of the product 1. Just need First of all, from the perspective of rigid needs, transportation is indeed a rigid need for everyone.

Product’s Rigid Hong Kong Phone Numbers

There are many ways to travel, mainly the following options: take a taxi by subway by bus drive yourself use uber Bicycle (bike sharing) Then, the commuters you usually see are mostly buses, subways, taxis, and private cars. Now there is one Hong Kong Phone Numbers more option: bike sharing. Based on the above modes of transportation, which one will you choose more easily? It’s very simple. Many people will definitely not choose to travel by bicycle when they want to go out to do important things. Especially in a city with poor air quality like Beijing, bicycle travel is certainly not the first choice.

Needs, Try to Analyze Hong Kong Phone Numbers

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Hong kong phone number list

Cycling will also bring you additional equipment: masks. , gas masks, etc. In addition, there are many occasions where there is no bicycle parking space at all. If you want to park anywhere, you have another layer of worry: will it be stolen? Although Hong Kong Phone Numbers it is locked, there is still a little worry, because the thief has a way. As mentioned above, bicycle users will not be the best transportation for commuters or people in a hurry to do serious business. So who is its audience? This is said later, and then look down. 2. Pain points Is the need to travel by bicycle a pain point for people?

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