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Fulfill your hopes and dreams (and your addictions) People will pay a lot to achieve their dreams. For some, these dreams are about getting an education. You love to learn, and “degree” is still a very expensive keyword (too bad for those of you marketing in higher education). Once you graduate, you can get a better paying job and then reward yourself with a great vacation. Travel-related keywords such as “Hilton timeshare reviews” appear this year at No. 13 on the list. Australia Phone Number what are the most expensive keywords in adwords But people who click on ads haven’t eliminated all their bad habits – ‘Casino’ is right up there at 3 ($55.48 per click) and ‘Online Gambling’ is

Also Popping Up at 22 Australia Phone Number

Who needs a Vegas vacation when the fun is right there in your laptop? You also talk to psychics and do hair transplants. questionablechoices The 25th most expensive keyword in Google AdWords is… Google AdWords? We weren’t expecting this one. Sometimes people search Google for “google” and sometimes search for “google adwords” in Google AdWords. (OK, we admit it. You’re looking at some of these people right now.) Want to Australia Phone Number know what keywords are popular (and how much they will cost) in YOUR industry? We can help with that! Our newly revamped free keyword tool (currently in beta) has a cool feature that lets you filter your

Results by Industry Australia Phone Number

Australia Phone Number List
Australia Phone Number List

For example, let’s say you want to search for keywords related to cars, but you’re in the financial industry and are only interested in terms that are relevant to your business. Type in “cars” and select “Finance and Banking” as your Australia Phone Number industry, and you’ll see results like this: free wordstream keyword tool Your results include terms like “new car rental” and “new car incentives.

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