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marketing dilemma – they know how to deliver value to people. through marketing messages. Needless to say, there are more than six steps to doing digital well. but if I was CMO of the world (or even just one brand), this is where I would start. Put content marketers in charge. of all advertising. They know how to bring value to people. Click To Tweet1. Take responsibility Agencies. are important, but they generally do what their clients tell them to do.


Bad practices are the fault of the people. writing the checks. Brands should be responsible for every step of the process of planning, creating and executing digital programs. The responsibility stops with the brands.2. Don’t hurt your audience At the very least. it is essential to stop adding to people’s frustration with online advertisements. Immediately


appoint a public. advocate to your

marketing team and empower that person to stop public abuse. Admit that people aren’t. online to see your ads, and make sure your ads aren’t stopping people from doing what they want to do on the web.

PageProof is “feature-rich for the time-poor.” It offers greater customization through an abundance of UI options. In one case study, it Taiwan Phone Number doubled marketing output while cutting production time in half.

Taiwan phone number

Make sure you never allow

your media agency to target “19-29 year old men who drink beer” or “people looking for a new car” again. Develop a brand-specific “whitelist” of sites you want to be on. Put someone in charge of brand safety or appoint a task force to review this list regularly. Understand that it’s all your fault if your brand messaging ends up alongside a white supremacist creed or a story about the Democrats’ plan to create sex slave camps. (Read step 1 again.)5.

offers high scalability for marketing teams that have a long workflow chain. It’s built to manage automated workflows from the in-team all the way to the stakeholders.

Proofing software features include:

  • Classic or enterprise pricing plans

featured metrics include review timeframes reduced by 50%.

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