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The first is the data advantage . At present, our platform has served more than 20 million times. In the future our platform will be a very smart system, because we know the specific needs of the cyclist for short trips every hour, every minute and every place. For this kind of deployment demand, the realization efficiency of backward competitors Bulgaria Mobile Number will not be as high as ours. The second is that we think we have barriers to the supply chain . We currently have exclusive agreements with 30% of the global supply chain. The third is brand potential . Now we only need 50 cents and 1 yuan to get a user.

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If a latecomer wants to enter this market, it needs 3 yuan and 5 yuan to do this. The fourth is the scale advantage . Our users, bikes and money, we have an advantage in this industry, we can compete with other competitors. At present, our bicycles cover 200 schools and have teams in more than 20 cities. The current orders exceed 20 million, the Bulgaria Mobile Number daily usage exceeds 500,000, and the number of users exceeds 2 million. Although the number of 2 million users may seem small, our users are all paying users. Each user must pay at least 20 yuan to use our service. So overall our business cash flow is very good. Recently, our daily cash income has exceeded one million.

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Bulgaria Mobile Phone Numbers List
Bulgaria Mobile Phone Numbers List

Of course, this is the figure without the deposit. If the deposit is included, the number will be even larger. We saw a big increase in users and usage in September. The average daily use times of vehicles are basically 5-6 times, and even exceed 10 times in new cities. At present, we can bring about 5-10 yuan of income per car. The cost of our bicycles Bulgaria Mobile Number is less than 300 yuan, and if we calculate depreciation according to the 12-month scrapping, our daily depreciation is less than 1 yuan. Each of our operation and maintenance personnel is responsible for about 300 vehicles, and the daily salary is 100 yuan, which is evenly distributed to each vehicle, and the cost per day is less than 1 yuan. So the overall simple calculation, our gross profit is about 70-80%.

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