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On October 1, 2015, Taiwan’s live video app “17” became popular overnight, with a valuation of up to 100 million US dollars. The attention of investment predators was quickly attracted, including Zhu Xiaohu and Zheng Gang (both Inke A round investors). “I was playing an online game that night. I played it until more than two o’clock in Country Email List the morning and found a girl chatting on a live broadcast. Seven or eight thousand people were watching. I think this thing must be explosive.” In the days that followed, Zhu Xiaohu put the All the live video teams met once. At almost the same time, Zheng Gang also downloaded more than a dozen live streaming apps to experience them one by one. In the end, both of them chose Yingke. When I first met Feng Yousheng, it had only been three months since Inke was online, and Zhu Xiaohu threw more than a dozen questions.

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How to get traffic? Do national live broadcast or mobile live broadcast? How to maintain user relationship? Feng Yousheng’s answer is very clear, and he has already started to do it. After quickly finalizing the investment, Zhu Xiaohu asked the other partners, “Would you like to join the investment?” Everyone said no. At that Country Email List time, the outside world was still questioning the live broadcast, but this did not reduce Zhu Xiaohu’s excitement. “After ten years of investment, I finally invested in a company with abundant cash flow. Inke’s business model has a strong hematopoietic function.” Another big player in the investment world is also eyeing it.

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According to Zhu Xiaohu’s recollection, Sequoia Capital paid attention to Inke earlier, but later did not participate in the investment for various reasons. This gave Zheng Gang a chance. Feng Yousheng clearly remembered that the night before the closing of the A round of financing, Zheng Gang approached the door through a friend, and Country Email List after a quick meeting, the investment intention was finalized the next day. Feng Yousheng put forward the condition that “call in the money tomorrow morning and you can come in”. Of course Zheng Gang would not refuse. “In the future, each of us can become a TV station.” Zheng Gang was excited about this. Whenever someone asked him how he discovered Inke, he always pouted and said, “I’m lucky.

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