Hololive is Structurally Similar to Nintendo When It Comes to Branding

Hololive is structurally similar to Nintendo when it comes to branding. As we discussed earlier, Nintendo has a setup where each franchise is generally high-quality, and those all reflect on the broader Nintendo video game brand. People expect every Nintendo-published game to be good.

Many companies treat a brand as ultimately disposable. If a product fails too hard, you can just rebrand and try again, and that’s how business goes. However, brand development that focuses on supporting other brands has enormous potential for success, and it’s an opportunity that too many businesses overlook in their marketing efforts.

On another level, it’s good to look past marketing efforts and pay attention to how a successful business truly operates. The way a company uses and applies its branding is almost as important as the branding itself, with just as much impact on the company’s overall success.

Case Study: Amazon

Amazon is so massive that it’s awkward to use them as a study, but we’re bringing up their business because they have a different type of branding than most companies.

Specifically, Amazon’s authentic brand is its service. Sure, they have things like web hosting and entertainment, and those can draw customers in. They even have their own store brand of products, but that has almost no impact on what people think about them.

Amazon’s brand is Founder Email Lists essentially the following: “sell everything and deliver quickly.” You can buy almost anything you want on their site, with consistently fast shipping even if you choose their slowest option. Amazon is a relatively rare example of a service-based brand – rather than a product-based one – which makes it so interesting.

Of course, that speed doesn’t come without problems. Problems that escalate too far can destroy a brand overnight, so you can also think of Amazon as a high-risk, high-reward proposition.

On the internal side, Amazon has its well-known “Day One” branding statement. Despite the company’s age, this statement encourages people to act almost like the company is a startup, focusing on innovation and ways to achieve significant growth.

The result is consistent brand development that’s made their business into one of the most valuable companies in the world. At this point, most of their marketing goes towards specific products rather than the site itself. People don’t need to be told that Amazon exists, so marketing money can go elsewhere.

Case Study: Superhero Symbols

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Superman is an interesting brand because many people have interacted with it over the years, each leaving their own mark on it. However, the stylized S on Superman’s chest is one of the most recognizable symbols in the world. The same is true with variations of Batman’s logo, usually a black bat shape on a yellow background, often with a black border around it.

Effective visual branding is one of the most powerful tools a company has. People who recognize a symbol can pick it out of a crowd of other symbols. They pay attention to it almost subconsciously, making it a symbol of both trust and engagement.

The best visual brands are usually simple, with two or three colors and a unique design. There’s a reason apps and social media sites prefer simple graphics for their logo rather than something elaborate.

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