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33% of the world’s population is Gamer and you didn’t know it. We explain how brands and sponsors successfully interact in the gaming ecosystem to answer the question… How to advertise in gaming? Advertising in gaming was not present as it is now, in fact, the gaming ecosystem 50 years ago  only of players, console producers and video game developers, most of the producers were the same ones who develop their games. However, today we see a substantially evolv ecosystem, impressively revolutionizand that other elements actively joined those players, producers and developers that today give life to more than 2.2 billion direct and indirect users and that represents.

A market capitalization of 152 $1 billion, this is more than the movie and music industries combined. gaming advertising “Gaming and brands” A fact to consider for any brand is that in 2019 the Super Bowl had 98 million live views while e-sports had 194 million, it is true that the Super Bowl happens on a single day and the 194 million in e-sports they happen for a year, however, at the level of engagement , the Super Bowl has people who accompany the fans and are not so interested in the event, so it does not represent a highly valuable engagement for brands; On the other hand, the gaming industry , like very few in the world, consists of an audience that is too specialized.

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So that the brands positioned in the  Argentina phone numbers   mindsetof this consumer are aspiring to “legendary” level engagement . How does a gamer feel vs. a user of social apps? The result of a study conducted by Smaato revealed the big difference in the engagement of mobile game users and social app users. Mobile gamers are 56% relax and 35% , while social app users are 27% relaxed and 11% focus. The study concludes that thanks to these positive feelings, mobile game users are much more receptive and open to receiving advertising from brands, since 70% of these users responded that “they have greater trust in the brand and a better impression” .

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In this industry, the moment of greatest engagement is provided by the audience and not by the brands; however, “non-endemic” brands have entered the scene (brands that do not interact or contribute directly to the ecosystem) to position themselves as main sponsors and be able to have a place in the mindsetof the gaming industry . Some brands that already do it are; KFC, McDonalds, Mitsubishi, CitiBank and 3M among many others. digital marketing videogames Advertising in gaming Twitch would be the third largest country in the world A brilliant example of non-endemic brands for generating value through sponsors is Gillete in alliance with Twitch , the leading video game streaming platform that today has 598 million users.

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Most populous country in the world. This platform together with Gillette created the ” Bits4Blades ” campaign . Where Gillette rewards buyers of its razors with credits to interact on the platform, in addition . Gillette is an official sponsor of INFINITY one of the e-sports franchises most winners in the world. And number 1 in Latin America, participating with more than 9 different teams FIFA 2020 (30.4 million players per year). League of Legends (100 million users per month) and DOTA 2 (375,000 players on average per day) . On the other hand, we have the traditional sponsor , the brands that want to advertise in gaming . Whether or not they have to do with the ecosystem, trust in the user by including them in their activations.

Nike enters e-sports with a 4-year deal with the Chinese League of Legends Pro League. Coca-Cola signs a multi-year agreement with the Overwatch League, it is the first non-endemic brand to sponsor this league. Samsung and Gen G. reach an agreement with which the mobile company becomes . The main sponsor of one of the most powerful e-sports teams on the market. Which means that any brand with resources can allocate them to advertising in gaming ; however, the opportunity lies in the fact that 64% of t feel a connection with the sponsoring brands, that is; that the other 36% represents a captive market due to the highly sophisticated audience of this indust.

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