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According to HubSpot , Content Marketing has become necessary for those brands and companies that seek to achieve more goals and offer better quality products or services. Its importance is such that 66% of B2B marketers who use blogs generate more leads, and entities that blog receive 55% more visitors to their websites. Content Marketing is an excellent way to go one step further and achieve quality and lasting relationships with our clients. Relive our live online workshop and learn how to captivate, attract and retain a relevant audience with a high probability of becoming a customer. We talk about: The importance of a content strategy in a Digital Marketing plan. What does it mean to create an online community. The importance of humanizing brands.

How do I make sure I don’t run out of content? How to serve customers? Crisis management. Success stories. Our star speaker was Gabriel Escanilla, Paid Media Manager and Community Manager at Joia Estudio. He has more than seven years of experience in the world of. Digital Marketing and is a speaker for several courses at. Academia Adity. In our Community Manager Course or Digital Marketing Strategies you will be able to learn in practice alongside expert teachers.  How to create a successful content strategy for various digital platforms. We will teach you how to develop a strategy based .On brand objectives to efficiently reach the buyer person . in addition to the use of tools to implement and analyze communication, the behavior of a community and interpret the results to optimize brand content in social media. timportance and impact with business objectives.

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Strategy in your digital marketing actions, Hong kong phone number  you can quadruple the traffic to your website, boost conversions and sales. Plugins like Yoast SEO and All in One SEO Pack are great for ensuring your website content is optimized for SEO. READ MORE 6 advantages of advertising on Google It is a tool that prioritizes security WordPress was created with security in mind, that is why new versions are constantly coming out and it is important to update it to avoid attacks and always be with the latest operating version. Always the new version is more secure than the previous one. But if you are looking for extra security, in addition to the one that comes built-in,Here are some we recommend: Akismet is a popular plugin for filtering comment spam, as 85% of comments on popular websites are spam.

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All In One WP Security & Firewall helps expose insecurities and prevent website attacks. Sucuri Security offers more advanced protection with malware scanning, blacklist monitoring, and firewall. On the other hand, when installing WordPress, it will offer you the option to make backup copies of your website on a daily, link, this helps your page speed does not decrease. weekly or monthly basis, which allows you to restore the old version of your site in case of problems. Supports files of various formats and adapts to all screens You can upload various media files to WordPress like .jpg, .png, .gif, .mp3, .mp4, .pdf, .doc and more. You can upload almost any type of file, easily drag and drop the  iles into posts. You can also insert videos that you have on YouTub witha.

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plugins with more advanced functions that you can add. WordPress is a platform that adapts very efficiently to the responsiveness of mobile. Devices and tablets, facilitating navigation through the different electronic devices that people use to access the Internet. This means that your website will remain functional. And will not lose its design if a person enters from their cell phone, for example. At Adity we help you create your WordPress website! Real-time data from .WordPress shows that each month . Are more than 409 million people viewing more than 20 billion WordPress pages . With more than 70 million new articles and 77 million new comments. At Adity we give you the necessary tools and fundamental knowledge to design and manage.

Your WordPress website without being an expert on this subject. Tools used by large corporations and businesses to develop high-end websites. You will learn to assemble, design, diagram and optimize the content of your website, in addition to knowing about design and search engine optimization. Everything for you to get a functional and operational site on the Internet. Remember that your website is the mother of your brand’s communication, that is where you are going to host all the information, social networks are a fundamental complement, because from them you direct them to your site, so that they know you, buy or report. Do you sign up? Contact us and we advise you for free.

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